The Fashion business development in Cuba

The Fashion business development in Cuba

Fashion is art, creativity , passion and all these assets can be easily found in Cuba. But Fashion is also to travel, communicate , share and suft the internet … and unfortunately  all these actions are difficult to be acted. The same is for many essential goods. Between the Island residents, there is a huge panorama of young talented stylists in search for informations and news as if they were gold.

During the Special Period (1995-1996) , Cuba went through a terrible economic crisis , which turned the effort into patience. Infact , most of the people didn’t give up making up or dressing them up in white for the parties and , thanks to the natural malice and wit, they lead the island into her present.

Le main informations are arriving from friends who moved abroad or tourists, but now the moment has come to grow up and become professional and business wise, thanks to the Castro’s Family opening to the world and in particular to the USA.

Modella Cubana in Fama
Creative Centre Fama La Habana Vieja

 FAMA is fashion

Fama is a public company owned by the Industry Minister in Cuna – Boga Group – and which produces garments for the inland market in general and in particular for some “tiendas” (public owned shops) which are a little bit more exclusive. They are signing a contract for the style development and the industrial management with an Italian Company. (Punto Zero International Srl)

Yudel Rifat Contreras is a young stylist who has been working there for years and declares himslef very enthusiast to finally be able to access to a number of imformations which are very useful to create an up to date collection with fabrics like cotton and linen which are very difficult to be sourced on the inland market


Yudel Rifat Contreras
Yudel Rifat Contreras

Fashion is Famae – Pabexpo La Habana

The opportunity for Cuba to greets the world with its own fashion collections is through the international Exhibition called Fimae which is on twice a year. Actually the various sections are the fashion, the style , the environment and the furnishings.

This international event managed by the Stateis the main catwalk and window on the industrial cuban fashion industry.

For sure, in the years coming, thanks to continuos long term foreign investments and the more desirable opening to foreign countries, there will be the concrete chance to consolidate the production and the turn over by appearing to the export to the friendly countries in the South America area.

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