Double Bag A/I 2016-17 Punto Zero International

Mini Bag Key Solution
Mini Bag Key Solution

How to handle the space in your bag

Which bag likes to wear a woman the best ?

Basically we are always fighting , not to forget anything , in between wearing an enourmous bag which is carrying all our world inside and lightly walking with a multitasking bag but essentially stuffed. Think, how many things there’s inside a lady’s bag …

Dentro la borsa di una donna

The solution this next winter coull be the Double Bag , which has been seen in some of the main aw2016 fashion catwalks. See Dior, Prada an Loewe.
It means that they are not to be wored alone but as a pair. Coordinated between each other as style and model. One is bigger and the other one is smaller.
The small bag can even be a key hanger or a necklace

Inside the bag of a woman

Mini Bag Key Solution Puntozero

Punto Zero International went over and crated a the bag + mini bag.  That is a bag with its mignon version as a key hanger… Cute, isn’t it ?

Here you are the style City + Mini City .
This concept is replicable in many different versions, colors, materials that we will propose you time by time.
Let us know what you think about it !


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